Same Old Dinosaur Bones

by Ready Aim Marry Me

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A collection of songs written by Max over the past two years.


released August 11, 2014

All songs written and recorded by Max Steinbach
Super thanks to Sydney Barton for the artwork:



all rights reserved


Apple-Core Recording Collective New York

Apple-Core Recording Collective is a group of best friends/musicians from Long Island, NY who share the love of making music and the love of one another. This is the central hub for the music they create.

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Track Name: (Anything But) Here And Now
I would stand and watch the frost melt in lines on the windshield
telling myself just five more months
I was numbed by the winter
hopeful, but not happy
because everything falls into place and I still couldn't see the ground

Now I'm ten feet from the ocean and I'm tasting salty air
I'm gonna tread until I see land
because I followed the footprints
impressed into the snow
and when spring came everything felt so real and I marched off a fucking cliff
Track Name: This Occasion
Purple Lights
Illuminating whites
My teeth are shining like a Hanukiah
But Yours are brown
Concealed by a frown
Stained by today's seven cups of coffee
I feign a smile
And laugh like a child
While you talk to me about how you need someone to fall back on
Drinks are on me
Even though it's all free
The cherry flavor pulses through my bloodstream

Winter works its wonders
I'm not a slave to you
When it comes time for summer
I don't know what I'm gonna do

And I dance
Sweat appears on my pants
And my one nice shirt that I bought just for this occasion
Now it's real
The joy that we all feel
Think I'll get in trouble for breaking character?
But I'm reminded
I was blindsided
So I drain my mind and fill it with something more pleasant
Through muffled sighs
and half-hearted goodbyes
I toast over our non-alcoholic beverages
Track Name: I Want To Believe The Pixar Theory
The way your words fell, scattered across the pavement
Questions manifested while you scavenged for a statement
Confounded by the confidence that others have in what they believe
Struggling to find some pattern in the things you perceive

And I want to believe in the Pixar Theory
Like I want to believe that god has a plan for me
Like parties provide punctuation
But what I'm longing for is a celebration

You still can't drive a car without tic-ing like a second hand
Clarity comes in small waves, pulls you onto dry land
A momentary relapse of childhood insecurity
Strikes you like a shotgun, blows you back into the sea

She said to you as you collapsed on the floor
In the tragic culmination of a ten year war

It's hard enough just to be a person
It's hard enough just to be a person
It's hard enough just to be a person
And it's hard enough just to be
Track Name: End Of History
An explosion of passion
had given us something to live for
and cause to take action
with infinite sidewalks to explore
We climbed on the rooftop
and jumped right into the snow-
an eleven foot high drop-
but the cold blanket softened the blow

From here on out it is all downhill
Subordinate unto nostalgia’s will
Though sparks will ignite there’s no flame to be seen
like the one that engulfed us when we were fourteen

Our apathetic existence
is fueled by historical end
and preoccupied presence
preferring our phones to our friends
We’re back in our hometown
where everyone’s bitterness shows
and it’s hard to have fun now
Can we order a pizza and play Super Smash Bros?

When all the nervous energy faded
we became the people that we’d always hated
By trading excitement for fear and lethargy
I’d like to think that we’re much better, but are we?
Track Name: A Pregnant Pause
I've been trying hard to put this into words that you will understand
There's no telling where i might run off when there's nobody there to hold my hand
When I learned how to drive I was told I should stay in my lane
So it's not my fault if I seem hypocritical and lame

I've been trying hard to put in words the reason why I left my band
It's so much easier to play it safe than it is to grow a pair and take a stand
There's no action I can take that would make all the monotony go away
So I sit around in silence doing nothing else as I await that day

I wasted too much time trying to find the words to say
That the current lifted me up while I was turned away
So now I'm being carried, limbs flailing, towards the sky
And as my friends look up at me I wanna cry, "Do you think I should try?"
Well do you think I should?
Track Name: Tinkerbells
Stickers line the walls, they are so comforting
There's a really nice eleventh story view
It's weird how everyone just keeps on smiling
When they don't know what more else they can do

Your mother asks the question, "Are you alright, dear?"
You say it's scary and surreal
All your favorite people in the world are here
But still I guess that's also how I would feel

And I see tinkerbells
Flying through the window, floating round the hospital
Casting their magic spells
Fixing our friends now, we'll leave you alone now

I've never felt closer than I do now
To people I have forced myself upon
So I stand up and I take a bow
Clear my guilty head and start moving on
Track Name: Man In A Mask
Elbows-- perpetually dry
It always gets so cold in these parts of New York
Friendships more enticing to deny
When every person that you meet was raised by Pitchfork
And the cute short-haired girl and her boyfriend
Are walking down t he staircase hand-in-hand
So I went and spent my Halloweekend
Standing by the punch-bowl as a caveman

And I forgot to ask,
What do you see?
Am I a man in a mask
Or is it really me?
There's this fear I've got
Held subconsciously
That I've not one thought not being thought for me

I see brown in a grey situation
That this hippy girl is in absolute control of
But on the walk home from the bus-station
I was certain of the beauty in the stars above
And there's a mark on my arm from where I gave blood
While I was trying to kill some time
Developmentally like a rosebud
Scales fallen off but is the stem still mine?
Track Name: The Sunrise
Waves crashing down on the shore
Sun rising, bodies burnt and sore
Life within a Polaroid frame
The ocean and Earth's orbit seem so tame

We abandoned our formalities
And traded them for the ocean breeze
No more school work, no more stress
Too beautiful to feel depressed
So at five a.m. when we go to bed
The weight of the world won't be falling on my head

You can go back to the way things were when you were just a little kid
But right now I'm waiting for the storm
And enjoying every second of it

Distance from reality is relative to sanity
A night on the beach is what we needed most
Because we've all got scars and we've all got ghosts
Fuck awards and fuck first prize
No one can take away the sunrise
Track Name: Dinosaur Bones
It’s the warmest it’s been since August
But still, it’s fucking cold
The early Spring air is so unforgiving
Walking through that park at night,
I have never felt so old
The unlocked gate questions my motives for living

The moon disguises my memories as something new
But it’s all the same
Same old dinosaur bones

The gang is all together now
And it’s just like old times
But nothing is new to us anymore
Serpents and flesh-eating zombies
Are hiding in the vines
That try to pull us in the past and lock the door